30  sept  2011   > 16/7   <    Tower/Charioteer


Are you feeling burdened by all your stuff?

How might you focus on what makes a positive difference in your life?

Do you know where your mind is?


EARLY… Wat?  Yep… Dang…  That about sums that up for me on this last morning in Sept. 2011.  And the coffee just finished brewing.  Excuse me a minute….  sippy the coffee.


~~~~      *****     ~~~~     ****     ~~~~


Posed at the keyboard waiting

baiting the daily drivel to line up

and give herself up to the muse


Lose the inhibitions of the right way

to lay a moment on to paper

Allow any way to be the voice


Choice matters to consequence

Consequence will have her say

as is the nature of one to the other


I wonder of the intent of  poetics

my critic banter suffers the heart

it starts the low hum of discontent


The relent pushes at negative emotion

gives the notion that these words matter

as they gather momentum for the giving


Living for the lyric to find me 

Be the creative tool posed and ready

Steady as I go in my streaming


Dreaming the dream into being

feeling the muse in her Siren best

Test the way words weight on paper


Savor the fall into space..

















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2 responses to “LIVING FOR THE LYRIC

  1. Linda C

    Inspiration as I gather my thermos and books…. get on the road. Thanks for bringing me into this moment.


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