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23 sept 2011      >   18/9   >   Moon/Hermit


What are you hiding that needs to be exposed?

What is the rhythm of your life?

What light have you been following and is it working?


leaving for Canada and Rachel and Andy’s wedding.  Yippee.  And… today is the first full day of Autumn.

It’s rainy and chilly for the long drive.  Hopefully,  that will subside as we make our journey north.  The colors are waving their magic in northern Ontario and I look forward to the feel and smell of this first day of Fall.

 ~~~~~    ****    ~~~~~    ****    ~~~~~

Out of the shadows and into the night

A light caught in the wind flickers to me

I see it in the distance, through the starless dark

It marks my destination.


I have followed this beacon before

 on the shore of my life time it waves to me

a sea of starlight calls one beacon forth

to the north it lights my way


I didn’t get home then lingering here

near this life that holds me to it still

Filled with love and family soul

Old is my journey


I will follow this light home one day

Lay my life down to rest in electric blue

A new me in infinite form everlasting

Dancing a in the hand of God.


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22 sept 2011     >  17/8  >  Star/Adjustment/balance


How do you find balance in caring for yourself?

How do you experience the vulnerability of an open heart?

Can you give up your attachment to being perfect?


There is something about Autumn that pulls my attention to the weather.  It happens in the Spring too, now that I think about it.  It is the transition between the extremes, that I feel.  Autumn begins to pulls me into myself, needing a light wrap around my shoulders when I go out.  The metaphor for me here is the ‘light wrap around’ my essence as I begin the preparation for the quietude of winter.  The ‘Light wrap around’ as I pull the shorter days of  ‘light’ around me.  The going in, the snuggle up; it’s a creative time for me.  I love that.  Anyone else feel that?


Light cloaks on shoulders

Holds the dark days coming white

I Fall into quiet


Serve the season’s light

nurture the land as she gives

Steward Mother Earth


Transition gives call

Alert is the tree to root

listen to your branch


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21 sept 2011    >  16/7   >  Tower/chariot


How do you secure the foundation upon which you rest?

What keeps you focused and grounded in this world?

What ‘calls’ you to take action for betterment of your community?


The first full day of Autumn will lay herself to the land Thursday.  Can you feel her ride on the wind?  Can you feel the smell of her on the Earth?  The leaves are changing rapidly, and the chill in the air has been pushing in for a couple of weeks.  With all the rain, I hope we get a beautiful  Indian Summer.


<< . >>  << . >>  << . >>  << . >>




Summer meets her Autumn

Verdant meets her spice

Harvest meets her plow


Persephone hears the call of her lover

Hades welcomes Spring for his keeping

Demeter weeps.


A day of equality and honoring

of leaving and becoming

A pattern, a circle, a revolution


The season welcomes the call

Gives her gifts of abundance

prepares for rest in the winter white.


Seasons cycle again and again

The greening, the flowering,

the fruit gathered, the silence.


What have you harvested?

What needs doing to give you rest?

What will hold you safe in Winter’s chill?


What seed will you give Persephone, Goddess of Spring, to take beneath the earth to germinate and come to your greening?







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20  sept  2011   >  15/6  >  Devil/Lovers


Can you take a look around you today and see that you are related to everything you see?

If something is ‘missing’ in your relationship/s where is it missing in you?

Have you been attentive to those you love?

~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~   ~~~


There is no keeping love away

it will find you moment to moment

it hungers for your reception

it desires  your giving

It is a relentless force ever present 

Love waits for you


There is no where that love isn’t

it doesn’t come by invitation only

it isn’t for only the young

it doesn’t decide the worth of you

it calls your heart to be open

Love waits for you


There is love everywhere all the time

It doesn’t know how to pass you by

or ignore you, or punish you.

it simply is an absolute Truth

of pure radiance and joy

waiting for you to embrace it.


Love waits for you..



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19  sept 2011    >   14/5   <   Art/Alchemy/Hierophant


How will you get outta the box?

How can you flow uphill?

What resource do you want to make the best use of?


 The rain gives a calming patter on my roof.  I found it difficult to rise from a prone position and the comfort of my bed; letting the rhythm of it ease me back to sleep.  Up now…Sippy the coffee, lay my words to these pages.


^^^^   ~~~~   ~~~   ^^^^   ~~~~   ~~~~   ^^^^

Days of grey and rain

patter calm to my restless spirit

give quiet to the bright light of living


My sun never ceases to rise or set

flickering always at my center

grateful for a cloud, a burst of rain


The weather of me is volatile

hiding my ceaseless shining

shifting to a wet chill grey


The patter rhythm’s moist welcome

summons the quest for silence

gives my sunny days a rest




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18 sept 2011   >  13/4/0   >   Death/emperor/fool


What old skin needs peeling away?

What gives security to your life?

What foolishness gives you pleasure?


I lost my first entry this a.m.  boo hoo.  so… here I  am hours later and finally at home from a fun filled high school re-union…   I can’t recapture my morning words, gone into the cyber-universe to be reshuffled.


The River Boat Princess took us for a float

down the Grand River for some fun with ol’ folk

from our yesterdays past we told stories galore

some where pure fiction some were of amore


Was no coincidence this river gave flow

to all our history of so long ago

Floating upon our feelings of life

from teenager to geezer, our joys and our strife


Laugher and tears, unity and grace

Some of us were dancing all over the place

We looked darn good for really old farts

Amazed at how life brought us this far


There is something about knowing someone

for 5 decades that where never undone

the music, the politics, the signs of those times

is what brings us together those times that bind


We had lots of fun more now than back then

Pretense is gone and we get the real friend

that layers of life peeled down to our true essence

All the trying to hard doesn’t make sense


What I see as my eyes gather you all in my site

Is the gratitude I feel when I see your pure light

All shiny and new as our first day of school

only now we play by grown up rules


I’ve rambled on with this poem long enough

the geezer girl needs to close all this stuff

later my friends we’ll meet again soon

Sincerely, with love from me to you.




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17 sept 2011    >    21/12/3    >     Universe/hanged one/empress


How do you feel affected by Earth, Fire, Air and Water?

What’s not working that needs you to give it a new perspective?

What is missing that you need to fulfill your creative life?


Gamornin’  East Lansing.  Old friends flood the psyche with youth’s wanton history. We celebrate each other with out stories of remembrance and a little too much wine and tequila.  There is no doubt that us girls look way better than most of the boys. Sorry guys.  I think it’s our skin care programs.  HAAAAA…

Poems this a.m. are my scrambled morning brain giving to some wandering…


~~~   ***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~


I remember when 

we became blood sisters

jabbing the needle in our finger

blood drops of teenage passion

fused to our forever kinship


I remember when

we buried our time capsule

dug the dirt hole in the alley

laid our treasures of the heart

for some future incomprehensible


I remember when

teenage love hurt the heart

sobbing the impossible pain

in writhing words of anguish

to ear’s of your best friend



I remember so much

I remember nothing

I remember it all

I remember when


I give my self to the remembering

for history’s rock n’ roll

the tender violent hold

of teenagers that grew old

with all their memories untold

pouring it out between sips of booze


I remember so much

I remember it all

I remember nothing

I remember when..












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