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31 oct 2011    >   18/9     >  Moon/Hermit


What kinda “Boo” are you up to?

What are you brewing in your pot of life?

What are you really scared of?


BOO… Halloween may be more of a Hallmark Holiday, with it’s gimmickry and over the top gore and excessive indulgence in candy, AND… this is a time to honor those that have transitioned, passed on, left the earth plain and have given us their wisdom.  A time of year to celebrate the ‘world-beyond’ that most of us can’t quite see, tho’ there is this feeling.  This feeling and yearning we can’t quite explain, at least for some of us.  The veil between the worlds is very very thin.


~~~~~~~~~         ?????????         ~~~~~~~~~


Call out to those that have turned to ash

listen to the wisdom of the dead in the wind

Feel the heavens open to celebrate love everlasting


Give to these days the harvest of the soul.

Feed your longing wisdom with death’s silence

For those that go before you whisper “till we meet again”




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30 oct 2011    >  8/17    >    Balance/adjustment/The Star

What wakes you up in your slept and calls for you attention?
How will do you balance your nights and your days?
Do you realize that you are a conduit between the Heavens and the Earth?  How do you stand?

Guided Imagery for Mother Earth.

Sit comfortably.  Close your eyes.  Take in a deep breath and slowly exhale. Do that again.  Let your breath glide into a smooth easy inhale and exhale, as you let yourself settle more deeply in your comfort.  As you settle, imagine yourself connected to the earth, letting your feet feel the ground; solid and strong, safe and secure.  Feel that energy flow up your legs, your knees, your thighs, your hips, your belly, your chest, your heart, your throat and neck, your ears, your face, your head.  Feel the Earth grace you with her presence,  Let yourself settle into that comfort.  Breathe into it.
As you feel all that grounding within and around you, imagine your connection to the atmosphere around you, the air, the smells, the sounds, the easy movements of the world around you.  If anything feels disruptive, breathe into your body and feel the gentle Earth hold you in comfort and safety.  Give yourself to the peace and relaxation.
There is nothing more you need to do but sit where you are and let yourself feel the connection to yourself and the Earth.  Let yourself notice the thoughts and feelings that flow into you and.. let them flow out not holding onto anyone in particular.  Let your breath blow them out as you settle into the deep pleasure of feeling connected to this Earth that holds and sustains you.  Let yourself be with this moment for a few moments.
And… when you’re ready, Thank the Earth for holding you in this sacred moment,  for her sustainability and elemental giving.  All the air, and food she gives, all the water and heat she shares.  Earth is a living sentient Being that shares herself with you.  Thank her.  Let your love flow into the depths of her land with gratitude.
And as this day grows into night into another day and another night, let yourself be reminded of the gifts of the land you live on, the wonder of this great earth.  Honor her as you would honor a Loved One.  Breathe into that love for Earth is of Divine Intent.   namaste’

Earth sacred Mother
Keeper of the natural world
blooms a winter rose

Earth sacred Mother
Keeper of the natural world
Oceans tide for you

Earth sacred Mother
Keeper of the natural world
Season life’s altar

Earth sacred Mother
Keeper of the natural world
Green is the desert

Earth sacred Mother
Keeper of the natural world
Present in all ways


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NANOWRIMO… write on

29 oct  2011      >  7/16    >  charioteer/tower

Could today be a day to sit with all-you-know and give it a rest?
If Global warming is happening around you how is it affecting the inside of you?
What beauty do you see in structure?

I’ve been letting a novel/story brew in me the last few weeks.  I’ll be giving it a burst of words on the 1st of November.   NaNoWriMo is days away.   Should you be interested, what in the world it is, take a look at the site.  Simply, write 50,000 words in thirty days.  It is writer’s madness.  It’s liberating.  It’s challenging.  And.  it is my 4th year of doing it.  The first 2 years, I completed it.  last year, I didn’t.  This year,  who knows.
I have the intention to try to write this in a more poetic form (whatever that means);   A whole novel written in a more lyrical way.  It might not work at all.  I will keep you up dated.  What I DO know is that if it doesn’t work that way, I will go at it in another way.

Who’s gonna join me?

~~~~~~~       <<<   !   >>>    ~~~~~~~

You live in story-land we all do
our eyes catch a moment in passing
the strings that connect the mind
finds the heart with no time lapsed
between that instant of seeing

We race to make sense of it
We race to embrace it
We race our story mind
head on into a moment that
belongs to another for the telling

Ours now, Ours for the telling
Ours to make sense of it
Ours to make-up the why of it
Ours because theirs fills us up
and we must pour the make believe out

We don’t know the truth
How could we in the weeping
that is not ours
Or that kiss that lingers over there
Or the ill manner of the server

Their actions dive us into a sea
of our own imaginings
Laying our perceptions in tides
against the rocky shore of
what we don’t really know

Likely, the story you made up
has limited if any truth
It’s just a story you composed
from a truth you do not know
because you could

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28 oct 2011      >  6/15    >    Lovers/ Devil


How will you let love find you?

Can you close your eyes and let yourself be washed in loves pleasures?

Do you believe that Love is the key to your Divinity, your sense of Wholeness??


The days come back to 6.  They come back to Love and the Devil.  The wheel keeps on turning.

I have a love for this writing everyday.  I have a love for bringing the questions that bring the  stories of the Tarot and numbers.  I have a love for love.  It amazes me the mystery that still pulses through my heart and body when feelings of love slip or roar into me.  I believe most of us poets could write about love or the absence of it everyday.  LOVE.  3+6+4+5 = 18=9

9… the number of completion.  Love brings it All together.

~~~~~~      ))))))    ^   ((((((      ~~~~~~ 

Love is a gossamer winged cherub

in a leather spiked collar

riding on a chilled arid sea

of cherry chocolate and

whipped creamed ponies.


Love calls the writhing Furys

to sing along with Neil Diamond

in A capella harmonies of want

dropping Life Safer candy to

war torn starving children


Love leaves the taste of metal

Sweet fragments of bitter curse

on the tongue of death lingering

painful in the departure of

how loss ravages the heart


Love caresses the angels longing

for the tinker chimes of life calling

Hallelujah praise to the everlasting

symphony of heaven on earth 

dancing the cha cha with the blue dress on


Love speaks in silent thunder

strikes the velvet rod with hot breath

burning the way into your soul full

of everything and nothingness

waiting for you to embrace the heat of ice


Love is not one thing or the other thing

It is all things in the hot and cold

in the dark and light of life and death

Love doesn’t give less to evil for good’s regard

It is the trump of eternity’s gift to you


Love will not pass you by in the right or wrong

of what is seen or unseen in the dense fog’s clear view

Love makes no condemnation in the here and now

forever is love’s caresses of the steel and the silk

In the dark and light of your infinite journey


Be the love.



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27  oct  2011      >   5/14   >      hierophant/ alchemy/art


What do you give your passion to?

Is it possible that you are more creative than you imagined, what does that feel/look like?

What does impossible feel/smell/look like?


I have written a poem or some such wordy expression for 211 days. yeowza.  I have asked close to 600 questions of you and me in that time.   Double yeowza.  Talk about a book of questions.

Granted some of them have similar resonance in the asking and that is OK for me.  Another question to you is; do any of these question provoke a feeling, a thought, more questions?? Do they stir you up and invite you to consider?

I am of the mind that questions breed more questions and an opportunity to explore and indulge in a deeper understanding of living, feeling, thinking.  And… there is not wrong answer to any that I present to you.  I don’t need to know your answers.  For me, they push my desire to know my connectedness to you, the world, myself.  They are an invitation. 

sippy the coffee.


~~~~~     )))))  *  (((((     ~~~~~


I caught a draping limb of a willow

just in time to swing on the Earth axis

It gave me access to a broader view 


I swung in full circle of the merry-go-round

A child of the Universe on her ride home

The dome of the Earth was infinite stardom


Willow let me down easy on the mossy green

I could smell home beneath the rich loom

so much room under the starry starry night


It was magical thinking this reality 

the opportunity to be herself mysteriously

It was curiously enough in the soul-full of Right


Home sparkles in the turning of Earth

Gravity secures the slow float dance

Should a chance occur to catch that willow branch


Again and swing into life with joy










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26  oct  2011     >  0/4/13   >     Fool/emperor/Death


What shrouds your heart and mind from having the love you want?

What silliness dances on the edges of you?

How would you spend the last day of your life?

Cementary: isla mujeres, mx 

BOO…  A big weekend is coming up.  ‘The veil between the worlds is thinning.’ : Halloween,

All Saint’s Day,

All Soul’s day,,

Dia de los Mortes,,

Samhain, ( the Gaelic Harvest Festival. 

A busy weekend of honoring what and whom has passed.  I will be celebrating them all with various festivities.  I give you most of the Wikipedia info, as you just might want to know more than you think you do.

~~~~    ****    ****    ~~~~ 

Endings bring new starts

that end in new beginnings

space for something new


Mystery lurks between the spaces

of what we image there might be

What our eyes see is one way

Our heart views the feel way

Our mind takes us many ways.


There are lots of ways to see


We are the other-worldly lurking

between the magic of space

believing in what we think we see

believing in what we feel

believing in our imagination’s jest


There are lots of ways to believe


Thin is the veil between our differences

between our likeness even thinner

seeing to believe, believing to see

Seeing a Way, Believing a Way

this way and that way, way over there


There are lots of ways Love seeks your heart







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25 oct 2011     >  3/12/21   >   Empress/hangedone/The Universe


What kind of creative play might you indulge yourself in?

Can you name 3 things that you might consider looking at differently?

How would your define; your earthiness, your airiness, your wateriness, your fire?

~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   *** 

I want to be just like Alice

Writing a poem every day

I want to be just like Diane

All nice and considerate

I want to be just like Ann

Creative beyond measure

I want to be just like Mother Mary

birthing out love and compassion

I want to be just like Sophia Loren

Deliciously sexy for a life time

I want to be just like Jung

Famously brilliant psychologist

I want to be just like my dog

Gentle and kind every moment

I want to be a Three Musketeer 

And duel away all the evil

I want to be just like the Seasons

Embodying all the elements

I want to deny all fear

I want to embrace our Oneness

I want to love unconditionally

I want Peace on Earth

I want kindness to live in your heart

I want to be a brilliant moment


I want … 

            I want… 

                                 I want…


The truth is…. 

    Love wants for nothing






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24  oct  2011        >  20/11/2   >    judgement/aeon/balance/adjustment/Priestess


At what point does perfection consume what you Don’t do? 

What counsel might you seek get clarity?

HOw do you define ‘accountability’?


I believe I have found a Spiritual community for myself in Ann Arbor.  The Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth.  There is Joy within the people and the energy is fluid and diverse.  Quiet time, meditative time, songs that speak to goodness and light,  words with stories I can embrace, and a way to speak of God, Source, Oneness with inclusivity.   It feels right now.

~~  **  ~~  **  ~~  **  ~~  **  ~~  **  ~~  ** 

The Grail has never been out of reach

It isn’t over there, 

or on a mountain top

or shrouded in secrecy

waiting for you to starve

yourself to find it in the desert


Tho’ your desert may be vast

within your soul searching

in the out there, somewhere


It’s mystery is held 

where it has always been

The Holy Cup of the heart

holds Love’s life centered, 






There is no distance between

you and what you search for

never out of reach is 

the heart’s ceaseless giving

that which will make you



The mountain to climb

is your missed-giving

the desert to cross 

is your parched mind

Your starving is your

refusal to let love caress you


You are the Holy Grail

Be a heart-full and pouring.







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3 p.m.

23 oct 2011     >   19/10/1   >  Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Magician


What sits at the horizon of your life and how do you encourage it to rise?

How do you speak to your gratitude?

What is an act of magic for you?


Well.. clearly my ability to add is not so good, as perhaps some of you notice.  dang.  A numbers woman who can’t add them up.  Maybe it was a miracle of some sort and I have yet to discover it.  HAAAaa.  Aren’t apple good this time of year?


~~~~~~~~~~          **********          ~~~~~~~~~~


I think I’m better earlier in the day

With words that jump up and play

Awake too long my mind it tumbles

gets busy with life’s daily jumble


So here I sit at three p.m

Hoping for a poetic gem

To lay upon this blogging table

Dig into some clever fable


As you see this is it

Gathering some words to fit

Into this day that is sublime

Doesn’t matter I’m not on time


Whatever the ‘right time might be

The time is right now for me

It’s kinda fun to make things rhyme

Turn a word on a thin dime


It’s not about this being my best

There is no best on request

Being here in the now

This is what I got.. OH Wow.


teee heee







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22  oct   2011     >  8/16   >   Balance/lust/Tower


How do you align yourself with your best self?

What are the ‘roots’ of your journey in this life, and how do you attend to them?

What do you do to give yourself balance?


Art openings… so fun.  Kay Yourist’s Pottery Studio.  A great gathering of art, and people. I indulge myself in a very sensual piece of pottery.  My friend Susan and I are gonna take a pot throwing class this winter.  Whoppee. I’m thinking that clay is very sexy.  I’m just sayin…


~~~~~~~~        ********        ~~~~~~~~


The Muse was in and being

what any good Muse will be

there is no defining the giving

A Muse just happens for me


Some Muses last a lifetime

Some float back out to the sea

Some Muses give a short time

My Muses come n’ go as I please


A Muse may not have a clue

That they inspire creativity’s test 

They are part of that crazy stew

I stir to feed what might become my best


The Muse was in and being

What any good Muse can be

I take what I can in the feeling

Let the musing take hold of me


There is no clear defining

What a Muse is meant to be

Mine pull on some heart string

That rolls me out to the deep sea


I’m not so good at swimming

thus I rely on my clever mind

To muse around inviting

Stories that I make up and find


Inspired by the Muse tides

That bathe what does inspire

Diving deep on the inside 

I let my words conspire











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