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What is it that keeps biting you on the ‘but’?  but this. but that, but I…

How do you make love a very splendid thing?

How is your relationship going with yourself?


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7:05 and it’s very dark out.  oooooo.  that is the one thing about the season change that  kinda sorta gets to me.  With all all all the dang rain I’m now in need of some major Sun Light.  Sun please, show me your face.  Lay that mug on me.  Beam on.


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I put fresh ears on every morning

wash ‘em up real good, 

give them Q-tip love

set them on my face just right

adjust my volume control

listen around the house

play some music

get those ears all ready

so I can hear  you.


I put in fresh eyes every morning

douse them with cool water

blink rapidly several times

look to the left and then right

do a good ol’ roll around

blink some more

look myself up n’ down

close them to see me inside out

so I can see you


I put on a fresh nose every morning

rinse it with warm salt water

give it some lavender cream

set it on my face where noses go

set my nostrils straight

snip the renegade hairs

wiggle it like a Genie 

cuz I’m a jeannie

so I can smell life right


I put on a fresh smile first thing in the a.m.

Work all those facial muscles

give a big girls yawn

give the teeth a good brushing

gargle some orange Listerine 

roll my tongue around cause it’s fun

sippy the coffee to get my motor going

Ruby red the lips 

so I can beam my pearly whites on you


I put all this on every morning

not to mention garbing myself up cute

so I can listen to you

see you

smell  you

smile all over you

have a sensory experience with you

cause that’s what good relationship

Is ALl about.

now you know.

















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