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How can you get to the top if you haven’t got a solid bottom?

How do you imagine yourself successful?

Are you over vigilant?


I am so grateful for dreams I remember even if they are weird, dangerous, disturbing, and just WAT?   I had one this a.m.  That I can still hold the memory of it in all its frustration is a big YIPee.  Any of you remember your dreams?  I was in a dream group for a couple of years, 20 years ago.  I kept a dream journal.  Who knows where that thing is now.   Very gestalt dream work.  I learned a lot about what bubbles to my surfaces in dream time: that stuff that never quite finds itself during awake time.  All the symbolism that I can give to my life with enhanced meaning.  mmmm….   sippy the coffee.   This poem is a very short expression of what could take pages to tell.


~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~     ***** 

A city of broken buses 

filled with a city of 

broken people.


Left over lives gathered

in the left overs of

the Great Storm


The lost and forgotten

The old and the sick

those that stay cause they can


Transient wayfarers

curiosity seeker

vagabond children


Comb the stacked and broken

scavenge for treasures lost

make the the worse to the best


For awhile passing through

for awhile making home

for awhile living raw


Gathering their bounty

they leave the city of buses

trek days to civilization


The airplane leaves soon

paper work needs order

no identity no departure


Coming from nowhere

to get nowhere fast

left behind to go back


To the city of broken buses

filled with broken people

left overs from the Great Storm


Back to find out who you are

in the black bag that 

holds your identity


The black bag that is gone

scavenged for another life

that seeks itself


Finding yourself broken

in the city of buses

looking for who you are





copyright jeanne adwani










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