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How do you make vulnerability an asset?

Can making adjustments in your life support a sense of balance?

What’s feel like to stand steady on one foot?


The  setting of the Sun at  this time of year takes my breath away.  The gold light draped over the land, catching details of trees and leaves, reflecting a shimmer of golden light on windows and buildings; just for a few minutes as it slides into the horizon.  Clouds of all shape and design that pulse in turquoise and corals, swathes of fiery reds; cast for a few moments against the blue sky the brilliance of Autumn.  Divine abundance.


~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****    ~~~~    ****


Vulnerable am I to the fire in the sky

That lays the land to Autumns quest

Life gives herself away for the season’s display

her fireworks calls life to rest


There is no complaint of death’s dark relent

for the glory of the Autumn’s fire

When all too soon winter claims her gloom

after the power of Autumn’s funeral pyre


I gather this season for many reasons

harvesting the fire for my soul

When winter white makes dark the nights

I pull fire up from the cold




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