4 oct 2011    >  18/9   >    Moon/Hermit


What brings you to feeling ‘full’ with yourself?

What needs you to ‘shine a light’ on it so you can bring it to completion?

Are you taking enough ‘alone time’ for yourself?


A friend of my mine from long ago, Helen, had a couple of thoughts that just popped into my mind this moment.   “If you get there first you win.”   “A busy girl’s a happy girl.”  She had a couple more I can’t remember, but apparently my consciousness is grabbing on to these two for some reason.  Aside from the fact that she disappeared out of my life and left a bit of an ache in my heart for that, I think of her exuberance and her crazy fun-ness with great care.   The first one stirs the competitive pot of the ‘win/lose’ thing, and the other, speaks to me of exactly what it is she said.  

~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~     ***** 

If you get there first you win

in that win/lose continuum

there is no you sorta won

or you might have won if

You win if you get there first


Then there is the other win

it doesn’t require a first

doesn’t require you to ‘get there’

where ever there is over there

You win cause you did it


It’s that journey thing

sure there’s a plan, a goal

sure you want to make completion

sure you want to be a winner

You win cause you took the journey


You made a plan, had a vision

took your life out for a spin

on that proverbial ‘road of life’

and living is what happened

cause it’s how the journey goes


If you get there first kudos to you

If you get ‘there’ or not there

and smelt the season’s winds

played with your children

loved fully and joyfully

noticed the colours of the earth

felt the rage of a storm inside and out

witnessed birth, life and death

laid around and did nothing

was busy doing everything

Didn’t get there at all and

got somewhere else…


YOu win…


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3 responses to “WINNERS TAKE ALL

  1. Hi Jeanne I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Hope you enjoy. Best wishes.


  2. Beautifully expressed! Such truth…


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