What’s under your carpet?

6  oct  2011     >   20/11/2     >   Judgement/aeon/strength/Priestess


How do you define you sense of accountability?

How do you give safety under the night time sky?

What exchange between yourself and other do need to take action on?


Yesterday we turn turn turned.  Today… well… what it’ll be mates?  The day calls for Accountability; the strength and courage to address your deepest sense of self in relationship, to how you express yourself in the world, and in your intimate relationships . Breaking that word down a little… the ability to account for oneself and actions.  Keep record of one’s abilities.  What’s that look/feel/see/taste like for you?  Accountability…


~~~~   ****    ~~~~   ****    ~~~~   ****


Thinking deep might go just under the carpet

Not far enough to move much of the surface

Of that thought that desire hungers for the sharing


The fuzz of daily living caught there waiting

Maybe to clean it up or gather it for future use

Stuffing desire’s want just under the wool out of sight


Where is the accountability for thoughts of longing

For thoughts held to the heart and mind for keeping

settled deep in corners of the heart waiting?


 The list long or short treads the water of life

bobs on the surface hoping to be saved

or take the big plunge and dive deeper


Bathe in the pure cool waves of self truth

Swim the heart story for the telling

Reveal desire’s hungry yearning


There is no deep account of life on the surface

caught as fuzz and debris under the carpet

rocking in your easy chair going no where









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