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What does an Infinite Universe mean to you?
How are you a part of ‘The Tree of Life’?
How do you define Creation?

For us Michigan people,  GO TIGERS.  I’m not even a sport person and I’m proud and happy for that team.  I’m especially happy that for a city like Detroit that struggles with just about every struggle you can imagine, there is some pride and goodness that results from this.  We need some morale boosts.

~~~~~     ****     ~~~~

I laid on the driveway like Jesus on the cross
the burning cement searing my thighs

I knew they would come
I prayed that they would come
from all that big blue sky
come to take me home

I closed my eyes to see the silver ship zoom in
Captain Kirk and crew Scotty ready to beam me up

I was sure they would pull me
Up into all that outer space-ness
to galactic ride me to everywhere
to take me to my real home

I laid on that sun-drenched driveway burning
Sensing my body de-materializing melting

My Twilight Zone was here
and I was a ready eleven year old
sizzling on the hot August cement
ready for my ship to come in

“Jeanne, Jeanne, what are YOU doing out there?
For Heaven’s sake, get in here and have lunch.”

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