8  oct  2011        >  0/4/13   >   Fool/Emperor/Death

Can you name five delightfully foolish things you have done that gave you pleasure?
How do you need to set your house straight?
When you take a look around at your home, what might you get rid of?

Indian summer morning here on Lake Fenton.  Stunning!.  All my senses are stimulated and my skin tingles.  I feel joy.  It’s interesting how yesterday, full of hurt feelings, angst, and confusion can find redemption in the pleasure of a beautiful morning with my family.  Gratitude.

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Perception lends itself to untruth
Perception gives you your truth
Each degree in the circle stands
A different view of the center

Your place in the circle sees to
The center as you perceive it
Right as rain is that view
To you as you stand in circle

The truth is mine as I see it
Over there, across the way is yours
Another side of the same coin
Another side of three dimensions

Another truth less truth-full
Than each place in 360 degrees
Of rightness versus wrongness
All of us right and wrong

Truth is a tricky 360 degrees
Of you touring the whole circle of life
Seeing it from all sides to know
From that little point of your rightness

Is a little point of truth gathered
From a Whole truth for your discovery
That declares you live in partial truth
That invites you into the whole Truth

Perception is a tricky bugger.

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