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What happens when your focus becomes your obsession?  How do you know that ‘line’?

What do you give yourself fully to?

Are you aware of the boundary you have that says, it’s time to stop now?


Can you believe it’s almost the middle of Oct.?  yeowza.   It is a full moon today in astrological sign of Aries.  In EST,  it goes full full, at 10:07 pm.  It looks plenty full to me.  It’s call the Hunter’s moon or the Blood moon as it follows the Harvest moon of last month.  it is the first full moon after the Autumn Equinox.  It is said that this  moon is one for hunter’s to gather under the night sky for winter.  Oddly it will be the smallest full moon of the year.  Whatever it’s called it will be glorious.  In the sign of Aries, it is a busy moon.  Aries is about the self and it looks the Sun in Libra right in the eyes, and Libra is about others.   This a relationship full moon and the banter is between taking care of the self, making it all about you… and taking care of others.  Balance.  This moon seeks to illuminate that dynamic.   Go and feast your eye on it tonight.  And ponder how you feel affected by this brilliance.


~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~


I laid myself into the Moon

to swoon in the white light 

of the night sky calling


No whisper to my wait

The fate of the cycle called

me to her fullness


Brought me from the shadows

Shows me to the Light everlasting

feasting on the glow


Living the life of reflection

A resurrection to spirits call

The All holds us sacred 


I laid myself into the Moon

I swoon in the White Light

of the night sky’s call

     to my illumination








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