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What is perfect balance?

Can you allow yourself to not quest for perfection?

What way do you stand up for your family, your city, your country?




A little skunk slunk along the sidewalk this morning.  A limpy wobble to his step says he’s not doin’ so good.  They found a rabid one just up the street from me.  Not good.  Hoping he doesn’t meet up with dog or human cause that would be an ugly, dangerous, and super stinky experience.  I must say..They are really cute.  All that black a white fluff.  To bad about their ass.


jeanne’s tongue twisted alliterations.  I’m gonna give this a try… Could get scary.  Dare ya to say them super fast. Go ahead.  When you mess up try again.




The skunk slunk his rump to the humpty dump skunk pump stunk




Sittin’ sideway, sippin’ sassy sassafras sassers, making folly of the jolly big dolly jester





No ways leads to the all ways in the haze of the glaze that bathes the daze of the right ways.




So mysterious is the meta-curious most delirious makings of the delicious mind




Whewww. that was interesting.  I’m thanking that little wobbly skunk for this a.m.s offerings.  I had FUN!!!





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