13  oct  2011    >    9/18    >    Hermit/Moon

 How do you stay connected to your inner light?

Do you give yourself enough quiet, alone time?

What do you see that needs to be integrated into your life?


There is a little book called ‘The Four Agreements’ , by Don Miguel Ruiz.  It is one of those books that I feel we all would benefit from reading.  These are the Four agreements. 

“Be Impeccable with your word   *** Don’t take anything personally *** Don’t make assumptions,  *** Always do your best.” 

These agreements followed me into my waking this morning, or more specifically, the first one.  “ Be impeccable with your word.”  Miguel says,  “Speak with integrity.  Say only what you mean.  Avoid words that speak against yourself, or to gossip about others.  Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”  

Simply put and powerfully said.  I dedicate this day to this first agreement.


~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~


Words flow and haunt all my spaces

In places that need silent reflection


Breath is sought to sooth the busy mind

find the smooth taste of kind words self spoken


Feed the love of truth with mind-full integrity

Reality has many paths of misplaced direction


At the fork in the road a choice is made

laid to consequence’s unknown inflection


A story told by what you see and feel

what’s real is not held in your observation


The self can be bitter against the self’s relent

Silent chaos critiques at the portal of rejection


Light dims to the loss of love and truth

Proof that your fire craves love’s illumination


Shine on with words that give your story kindness

the effortless flow to give is to find reception






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