16  oct  2011       >   21/12/3      >   Universe/hanged one/Empress


Can you name some things that are positive about the World we share, and then practice what you preach?

What are the ‘roots’ of your life that hold you safely and securely?

How do you create Peace in your daily living?


The Fourth Agreement  ….  “Always do your best.”    Miguel says,  “YOur best is going to change from moment to moment;  it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick.  Under any circumstance, simply do you best, and you will avoid self-judgement,  self-abuse, and regret.”


 What is ‘the best’ of you?  I invite you to take a moment and consider what does your ‘best’ self’ look like, act like, feel like?  How does your ‘best self’ live your day?


~~~~~~~~~~~~            ************           ~~~~~~~~~~~~


Life has the best of me

The best isn’t waiting on the side lines

it’s not over there out of my reach

It didn’t leave me when I needed it

disaster didn’t take my best out to sea


My best lives inside of me

It is armored by my heart and soul

It is the gift inspired by kindness

It is a gracious sense of well-being 

that gives generously without expectations


The best does know the worst realizations

It has cradled mourning and sorrow

It has comforted loss and despair

It has given when there seems no more to give

The worst welcomes the best for safe keeping


Your best is in every moment waiting

Your best will never leave you 

You can’t send it away, or dismiss it

It will caress you like a lover

lullaby you to sleep like a baby


Let life have the best of you 







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