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What will you wear for Halloween?

What scares you about dying?

Have you laughed with yourself lately?



Well… la de dah.  In the world of good mundane living, I made some dang good lamb and fresh fig pasta last night, and some incredible, right off the dead oak tree, hen of the woods mushroom and barley soup.  OH..> Yeowza.  The Geezer Girl was on her food trip.  I give it…  5 yum  yum yum yum yum   Foodies of the world unite.  Hands raised.  Oh.. I need to give mention to the Bona Sera Supper Clubs fabulous foodie experience on Saturday night.  My God, can those women put out some fabulous food.




I love my food oh yes I do

There is nothing much I would not chew

I will eat my beets they’re candy sweet

I will eat red beef and all other meats

I love all greens gave grass a try

Ate foreign mushroom and I did not die

There is nothing I won’t try


Rattle snake tastes like chicken

Chocolate ants are not sicknin’

Sushi is a fav of mine

Sip it with some cool rice wine

Lay wasabi, roll in ginger

There is wild in this hot venture

On my tongue it all lingers


I’m a foodie oh yes I am

I declare my love of ham

I know piggies are very cute

I struggle with death’s ill repute

I give my gratitude and thanks

Honor my love of their roasted flanks

Am I bad and need a spank?


I love my food oh yes I do

I love to share the joy with you

The pleasure in our ooos n’ aaahs

As each mouth full moves our jaws

With exquisite tastes we cheer

So rare do we release a jeer

I hold these dinners very dear 


As the grand foodie that I am 

Who might lay some jam on her ham

Let’s not forget the wine and Booze

Opens the palate insights the amuse

It’s good for the giggles enhances the tastes

Gets us all happy all over the place

It has been known to lay us to waste


Now you know the foodie I be

Life is a gift and nothing is free

One day life will eat all of me






















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