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What have you always wanted to study and learn about that you didn’t?

What makes you think/feel it’s too late to give your longing a try?

What could be your first step toward your heart’s desire?


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“The wound is the place where Light enters you”  Rumi.


Light holds your essence

It is what you imagine it to be 

even in the darkest places 

it breaks open to light the way.


Light may enter your wounds

for your healing grace

Propel your inner flame 

to expand compassion’s forgiveness


Light is witness to all that you are

It shows the path of joy

It heals the forsaken wound

Love is Light’s path way


Light and Love will never leave you

no pitch of night of a lonely heart

No sin, no evil, no degradation

will deny you a place in the Light


You are Loved absolutely


~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~


Sippy the coffee… mmmmm.  nice brew from Mighty Good Coffee in Ann Arbor.  For you locals,  take a few minutes to check out David Meyers’ coffee shop on East. Main.  They are making a brown sugar salt Cap.  OOOOOOoo my.  Can I tell you how good it is?  yeowza.  oh.. and also an honorable mention to their chocolate salt mocha thingy.  oooo weee.  

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