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How will you make this day, a day of honoring your relationships?

What is a repeated deal breaker in your love life?

What keeps you from finding the kind of companionship you desire?

round lake, Upper Peninsula, michigan 

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You say, ‘I miss you” in quick passing

There is sweetness to those three word

I catch them on the edge of my inhale

Deciding how deep I will breathe them in


The heart does not seek shallow breathing


I say, ‘I miss you too’ not so quick then repeat

The air between us gives a crackle then smoothes

A snap of awkward passes on the thin line

The mundane lays the cool blue over the red


I inhale the memory of old desire’s heart beat


If there is more in this missing I missed it

I was waiting, wondering, for a new pass by

Not wanting to be missed more to be seen

Heard in the wonder of curiosity’s find


My tie dye flag waves in a quiet sea


You can’t miss me…



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