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 How much of the news and media influences your thinking and is that OK?

What does your ‘holy grail’ look like and have to say to you?

What are you willing to give your life to?


 I was given a prompt by my mentor Jill Badonsky that goes like this….

 There was someone named…. 

Who was…. 

And who lived… 

and every day…. 

And then one day…

And because of that….. 

And because of that….. 

And because of that… 

And because of that… 

Plus there was…. 

Until one day…… 

And ever since then ….. 

Optional: And the moral of the story is….


AND… this is what spontaneously evolved from the above…  I have finished with a Haiku.

I tell ya… I don’t know where this came from and there it was rolling off my brain and fingertips.  (shrug of shoulders)


Rosetta had found love with Adam,a rich man who despite his family’s distaste of her lowly upbringing and her family’s disbelief of his love, they suffered little regard for any of it.  It was true love; not contrived from her poverty, or her desire to better her life, nor his curiosity of her unique and exotic nature;  it was a gentle, courageous love founded on compatibility, respect, and the heat of passion.  It was as if destiny had at last found them worthy. 

 Every night, when he returned from his work, Rosetta cooked a sumptuous meal bathed in exotic spices, dripping with succulent flavors that seduced his taste-buds into a gastronomic frenzy. As they sat by the glowing evening hearth, sharing their day and their deepest thoughts of life and love, eventually Rosetta, like Scheherazde, would weave her beloved a story that would seduce all his senses into a hunger for more story, more of her invention, and more Rosetta.

One day her lover did not come home at his expected hour, nor the hour after, or the hour after that.  Supper lay cold on the white table cloth, the candles laid their red drip like a clot of blood from an angry wound as Rosetta, with growing anxiety, paced the mansion.  Her phone calls to him and to his family were an endless ring to nowhere.

She did not drive and the walk into town was miles and further still lived his family.  She called for the horse to be saddled, antiquated as it was for transportation, she knew how to ride like a seasoned equestrian. Dressed for the chill and the drizzle of Springs early arrival, she set out into the deep grey evening to find her love. She followed the main road to town, in the hope to find him.  Her periphery gathered in the scenery of her journey with the gallop of her steed,  anything that might indicate an accident, a skid mark break in the woods, anything that seem unusual.  She let her intuitive vision scan beyond the seen.

No Adam was to be found.  Not at his work, not at the local, not in the comfort of his family’s castle.  Adam had disappeared. Rosetta couldn’t feel his presence anywhere, but his essence lingered in the spaces around her? His soul pulsed deep within her.

 Rosetta’s grief was overwhelming. The few friend she had and her family found her inconsolable.  Adam’s family laid blame on her, insinuating that she had pushed him to some undefined limit and he had no recourse but to abandon all that he held dear to escape the trial of her demands.  She was devastated, alone and ready to die.   What held her to life as the days, fell into weeks, that fell into months was that Rosetta had a plan and the love-child percolating in her womb ready to take his first breath.  A feeling was welling up within her that brought new life and possibility to her quest to find her love.  She gathered the best of herself; too proud to let the distain of his family nullify her resolve to find the mystery of Adams disappearance and her growing love for the baby brewing with in her. 

 Whatever had happened to Adam, whatever had wipe his existence from any known whereabouts; Rosetta was sure he would find his way back to her.  It was their destiny to be together.  She was sure of that.  She would wait for when the time was right.

 ~~~~~~~~       *******       ~~~~~~~       *******

 Destiny gives call

Forever waits for everything

Love finds you Always










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