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 What is your vision for a better world?

What do you do in your personal life to hold that vision?

How might you define ‘Divine Order’?


The Sun hovers on the horizon at 7:41 EST.  There is bit of pink to the sky. Trees give a silhouette in the rising light.  It feels calm after yesterdays, all day rain affair with the Earth.  Maybe it’s a sexy thing.  I just felt grey and soggy.  mmmm?  yes.. well.. no going there…

 I wake to the thought that a tyrant has been killed.  It is not the thought that I wish to keep for this day. It feels bad in my body.  I admit to seeing the video of his beating.  A curiosity rose in me and I watched it twice.  The voyeuristic part to that disturbs me.  I’m not even sure what more to say of it, only that I decided to confess it to you.  Tho’ I’m not sad that he is dead, there was evilness in him; a disregard for the humanity of things, I am sad that there is pleasure and joyful fervor in the taking of a life.  I hope when I transition, that there is fervent joy and mad-cap dancing in the celebration of my life.

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 There is no getting outta here alive

Death will find you cause it can

It’s the nature of the livin’ vibe

It’s the way we all do the  jive

You just don’t know when


Dorian thought he had the way

Pacted it with the devil’s game

Gave his soul away each day

Darkness filled his every way

His portrait a hellish shame


The Reaper will gather your last breath

What you have sowed in life matters

The gathering holds your mirth

A collection of all that a life is worth

Make love the meal on life’s platter


You don’t get outta here breathing

Birth life death is the way it is

What tapestry of life are you weaving

What love story are you leaving

There was never a quiz


Make each moment the last

Now is all there ever is

Right down to your last gasp

Doesn’t matter that the die was cast

Now is all there ever is.






















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