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3 p.m.

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What sits at the horizon of your life and how do you encourage it to rise?

How do you speak to your gratitude?

What is an act of magic for you?


Well.. clearly my ability to add is not so good, as perhaps some of you notice.  dang.  A numbers woman who can’t add them up.  Maybe it was a miracle of some sort and I have yet to discover it.  HAAAaa.  Aren’t apple good this time of year?


~~~~~~~~~~          **********          ~~~~~~~~~~


I think I’m better earlier in the day

With words that jump up and play

Awake too long my mind it tumbles

gets busy with life’s daily jumble


So here I sit at three p.m

Hoping for a poetic gem

To lay upon this blogging table

Dig into some clever fable


As you see this is it

Gathering some words to fit

Into this day that is sublime

Doesn’t matter I’m not on time


Whatever the ‘right time might be

The time is right now for me

It’s kinda fun to make things rhyme

Turn a word on a thin dime


It’s not about this being my best

There is no best on request

Being here in the now

This is what I got.. OH Wow.


teee heee







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