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At what point does perfection consume what you Don’t do? 

What counsel might you seek get clarity?

HOw do you define ‘accountability’?


I believe I have found a Spiritual community for myself in Ann Arbor.  The Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth.  There is Joy within the people and the energy is fluid and diverse.  Quiet time, meditative time, songs that speak to goodness and light,  words with stories I can embrace, and a way to speak of God, Source, Oneness with inclusivity.   It feels right now.

~~  **  ~~  **  ~~  **  ~~  **  ~~  **  ~~  ** 

The Grail has never been out of reach

It isn’t over there, 

or on a mountain top

or shrouded in secrecy

waiting for you to starve

yourself to find it in the desert


Tho’ your desert may be vast

within your soul searching

in the out there, somewhere


It’s mystery is held 

where it has always been

The Holy Cup of the heart

holds Love’s life centered, 






There is no distance between

you and what you search for

never out of reach is 

the heart’s ceaseless giving

that which will make you



The mountain to climb

is your missed-giving

the desert to cross 

is your parched mind

Your starving is your

refusal to let love caress you


You are the Holy Grail

Be a heart-full and pouring.







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2 responses to “WHOLE-LY GRAIL

  1. Linda C

    lovely reminders in these perfect images…


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