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What do you give your passion to?

Is it possible that you are more creative than you imagined, what does that feel/look like?

What does impossible feel/smell/look like?


I have written a poem or some such wordy expression for 211 days. yeowza.  I have asked close to 600 questions of you and me in that time.   Double yeowza.  Talk about a book of questions.

Granted some of them have similar resonance in the asking and that is OK for me.  Another question to you is; do any of these question provoke a feeling, a thought, more questions?? Do they stir you up and invite you to consider?

I am of the mind that questions breed more questions and an opportunity to explore and indulge in a deeper understanding of living, feeling, thinking.  And… there is not wrong answer to any that I present to you.  I don’t need to know your answers.  For me, they push my desire to know my connectedness to you, the world, myself.  They are an invitation. 

sippy the coffee.


~~~~~     )))))  *  (((((     ~~~~~


I caught a draping limb of a willow

just in time to swing on the Earth axis

It gave me access to a broader view 


I swung in full circle of the merry-go-round

A child of the Universe on her ride home

The dome of the Earth was infinite stardom


Willow let me down easy on the mossy green

I could smell home beneath the rich loom

so much room under the starry starry night


It was magical thinking this reality 

the opportunity to be herself mysteriously

It was curiously enough in the soul-full of Right


Home sparkles in the turning of Earth

Gravity secures the slow float dance

Should a chance occur to catch that willow branch


Again and swing into life with joy










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