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29 oct  2011      >  7/16    >  charioteer/tower

Could today be a day to sit with all-you-know and give it a rest?
If Global warming is happening around you how is it affecting the inside of you?
What beauty do you see in structure?

I’ve been letting a novel/story brew in me the last few weeks.  I’ll be giving it a burst of words on the 1st of November.   NaNoWriMo is days away.   Should you be interested, what in the world it is, take a look at the site.  Simply, write 50,000 words in thirty days.  It is writer’s madness.  It’s liberating.  It’s challenging.  And.  it is my 4th year of doing it.  The first 2 years, I completed it.  last year, I didn’t.  This year,  who knows.
I have the intention to try to write this in a more poetic form (whatever that means);   A whole novel written in a more lyrical way.  It might not work at all.  I will keep you up dated.  What I DO know is that if it doesn’t work that way, I will go at it in another way.

Who’s gonna join me?

~~~~~~~       <<<   !   >>>    ~~~~~~~

You live in story-land we all do
our eyes catch a moment in passing
the strings that connect the mind
finds the heart with no time lapsed
between that instant of seeing

We race to make sense of it
We race to embrace it
We race our story mind
head on into a moment that
belongs to another for the telling

Ours now, Ours for the telling
Ours to make sense of it
Ours to make-up the why of it
Ours because theirs fills us up
and we must pour the make believe out

We don’t know the truth
How could we in the weeping
that is not ours
Or that kiss that lingers over there
Or the ill manner of the server

Their actions dive us into a sea
of our own imaginings
Laying our perceptions in tides
against the rocky shore of
what we don’t really know

Likely, the story you made up
has limited if any truth
It’s just a story you composed
from a truth you do not know
because you could

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