30 oct 2011    >  8/17    >    Balance/adjustment/The Star

What wakes you up in your slept and calls for you attention?
How will do you balance your nights and your days?
Do you realize that you are a conduit between the Heavens and the Earth?  How do you stand?

Guided Imagery for Mother Earth.

Sit comfortably.  Close your eyes.  Take in a deep breath and slowly exhale. Do that again.  Let your breath glide into a smooth easy inhale and exhale, as you let yourself settle more deeply in your comfort.  As you settle, imagine yourself connected to the earth, letting your feet feel the ground; solid and strong, safe and secure.  Feel that energy flow up your legs, your knees, your thighs, your hips, your belly, your chest, your heart, your throat and neck, your ears, your face, your head.  Feel the Earth grace you with her presence,  Let yourself settle into that comfort.  Breathe into it.
As you feel all that grounding within and around you, imagine your connection to the atmosphere around you, the air, the smells, the sounds, the easy movements of the world around you.  If anything feels disruptive, breathe into your body and feel the gentle Earth hold you in comfort and safety.  Give yourself to the peace and relaxation.
There is nothing more you need to do but sit where you are and let yourself feel the connection to yourself and the Earth.  Let yourself notice the thoughts and feelings that flow into you and.. let them flow out not holding onto anyone in particular.  Let your breath blow them out as you settle into the deep pleasure of feeling connected to this Earth that holds and sustains you.  Let yourself be with this moment for a few moments.
And… when you’re ready, Thank the Earth for holding you in this sacred moment,  for her sustainability and elemental giving.  All the air, and food she gives, all the water and heat she shares.  Earth is a living sentient Being that shares herself with you.  Thank her.  Let your love flow into the depths of her land with gratitude.
And as this day grows into night into another day and another night, let yourself be reminded of the gifts of the land you live on, the wonder of this great earth.  Honor her as you would honor a Loved One.  Breathe into that love for Earth is of Divine Intent.   namaste’

Earth sacred Mother
Keeper of the natural world
blooms a winter rose

Earth sacred Mother
Keeper of the natural world
Oceans tide for you

Earth sacred Mother
Keeper of the natural world
Season life’s altar

Earth sacred Mother
Keeper of the natural world
Green is the desert

Earth sacred Mother
Keeper of the natural world
Present in all ways


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  1. Linda C

    What an amazing morning meditation, sent from you and source to me, in the perfect moment. I’m printing this one! Thanks.


  2. love the imagery and the sentiments on it, smiles.

    way to go.

    nature is our teacher,



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