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30 nov  2011     >   18/9   >   Moon/Hermit


What needs closure for you to move along?

Did  you notice the snow on the land looks like a moonscape?

Are the patterns of your life, the rhythms, working for you?


Sippy the coffee, praise to the day.

The last day of the month and the first snow clings to the wet Earth.  It beautiful.  Drenched in white and shadow.  Rain fell for more than 24 hours and turned to snow.  It’s mighty wet out there.  And…I have a carport that nestles my car away from the white and wet.  No need to scrape off ice and crap.  YOU have no idea the joy this brings. OH YA BABY.


~~~~~~~~~         999999999         ~~~~~~~~~


Wet white wrap woven with crystalline whittle

Lays languid layers in limitless white on the land


Winter wet wonders not who gives the wish

Snow seasons silently the winter scene


Silence shivers singing to the gone of Summer 

Make merry mirth of winter mystery


Winter white will lay her season’s watch

Envelope Earth’s eager want for quiet rest






the first day of snow

feeling of calm

finding my little feathered christmas tree

my home

my work


Friends and family

Sweet pets



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HAIKU … and some gratitude

29 nov 2011         >   8/17    >     balance/adjustment/Star


How might you balance what needs adjusting today?

How do you imagine the ‘divine order’ of this life?

When you close your eyes and take a moment of silence, can you see the world a peaceful and abundant place?


24 more days till the light returns.  Not that I want to hurry along life; it moves way to fast for us geezers as it is.  I do miss the longer days of light.  Nature wins.  The seasons need their down time, just like we all do.  I do get all wintery at this time of year, tho’ maybe not quite so austere.  I’m not very austere.  Life slows, I feel myself go inward, quieting, shifting the beat of life to a softer rhythm.   I imagine what I wish to give to the Earth for safe keeping during these freezing months.  What ‘seeds’ (intention) I wish to plant to rise in the Spring greening.  Like, planting the seed of gathering my poetry and creating a book.  Or, planting the seed of friendship and community.  I’d like to plant the seed of love and partnership.    What ‘seeds’ might you like to nurture in the silent peace of winter?


~~~~~~~~        88888888        ~~~~~~~~


Silent winter scape

Bare branch shivers willingly

Roots hold the honey


 Lay your seeds to Earth

Blanket in white purity

Reap what you have sowed


Love knows her winter

Cherishes season’s partner

Caress my branches





24 days till the light returns

The gentle patter of rain on the roof

The tidy house

The colorful holiday lights I put up

Sweet pets

A great job




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28 nov  2011    >  7/16    >    Chariot/tower


What is that ‘thing’ you have been curious and interested in forEVER and have yet to take action on it????

What secrets do you keep from yourself?

In this busy world how do you remain focused on what is important for you?


All in favor of me not giving rant and ramble, raise your hand.  That’s what I thought.  HAaa. goodluck on that one.


~~~~~~~       7777777       ~~~~~~~


It’s not that you have a differing opinion

see the world through a red lens and I see pink

or that you wear the banner of righteousness

tout your intelligence as superior


It not that you dress in swaths of expense

or are quick to go to the other side of the road

when the stench of homelessness fills you

in wonder why they don’t find a job


It not that you found Jesus and I found the Goddess

or that you find other’s way less than yours

that your refinement is somehow more than

and that your ‘hard-work’ has entitlement


It’s not that you oppose Occupation and the

right  of the people to gather on behalf of

what you deem garbage and the way left of your right

It’s not that


YOu are entitled to your opinion, your perception

It is all yours for the taking as you see fit

6.5 billion find many ways to rise and give praise

to their perceptions and opinions


What it is for me …  in my opinion…

Is that opinions and perceptions come with judgement

They hold us hostage to limited thinking

They keep us from truths that other’s hold

They make up stories that hold only our limited view


They are cloaks of fear that hold us to limited truth

On behalf of what we think we know, perceive we know

believe we know, to protect our opinions and perceptions

And so it circles, climbs the towers of our rightness


What you believe to be, the opinions you gather.

The perceptions you imagine from your point of view

Are they the whole picture, the whole truth?  Could they be?

If there be any truth in this journey of life


might it be for the Divinity you see in the eyes of ALL you meet


In my opinion…
















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27  nov   2011      >  15/6    >   Devil/Lovers


What is it to be loved Divinely?

Peace starts at home and how would YOU give it?

What does your devil look like, act like, feel like, and tempt you with?


Tomorrow is ‘Cyber-Monday’.  oooooo.  So… we have been thankful, filled our bellies and shared the love.  Then it got all black fridayish and coffers were filled with money spent by many that didn’t really have.  And this monday, is given to Cyber-world for you to spend spend spend on those great warehouse deals in the sky.  Tempting,  down right Devilish if I do say so.  Heck, everyday is Cyber-discount day.  It’s a vortex of energy that will suck you in.  Been there, still known to visit.


I invite you to consider buying most everything local.   If you don’t by local and keep your neighborhood shops in business it will only be Cyber-shopping via the big stores/corporations.  No more little quaint corner shops,  No more momma and pappa shops. Independent bookstores, say bye bye.  Art galleries… gone.   NOpe.. they will crumble and fall.  Whooosh.. down the drain cause we got lazy, or it was ‘such a good deal I can’t get that at my local stores” … LIsten UP people.  It’s up to you to keep your community thriving.  Sure… some things ya can’t get any other way. And LOTS of things you can spend on right in town at your local shops, owned by people who are within your community. I casted the invite to you again…’Think Global,Act Local.”  not Loco. 

Whew… glad I got that outta my systems.  NOw.. to practice what I be preachin’.

~~~~~~      666666      ~~~~~~


Six of one half a dozen of the other

The bother is where will you buy it

You could go right on down town

Bye it from neighbors all around

Spend it local give it back recommit


It’s easy to get the cyber- suck 

The muck is invisible in that air

You surf yourself in search

Tap away for some research

Think you spot it, now you got it, so there


At your computer finding a good deal

If it’s a steal you think you should buy it

And if you don’t consider local

Support it and get vocal

Corporates win, no more town, a cyber-pit


Choices give to consequences

consequences might have ‘does’ to pay

Pick your choices care-fully

Don’t let cyber-space be a bully

Make local win, freely spend, have a townie day











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26  nov 2011   >   14/5   >    Art/Alchemy/Heirophant


Mix and Brew what will you make and do?

There is more info to gather, what will it be?

You stand in the ‘box’ around you, how do you intend to get out?


Gamornin’.  A beautiful morning on Lake Fenton as  the sun is late to rise on this autumn day.  Swans and geese laze along in the breeze.  No boaters drifting about.  The austerity of winter is ready to make the world here white.  I’m not sad that the temperature is in the 50’s.  I’m not quite ready for the freeze.


~~~~~     55555    ~~~~~


Out of the mind box 

Free up conflicts mental twists

Wind blows between ears


Open the house doors

Raise every window today

Release the stale air


There is no pleasure

Harnessed to a dead dream gone

Crawl out of the cave




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25  nov  2011     >    4/13/0   >  Emperor/Death/Fool


Can you trust that if you make a jump into what feeds your soul you will be supported?

How do you embrace the knowing that death will one day find you?

What needs putting into order?


Black Friday… I’m not so much for the term ‘Black Friday’.  Personally, it’s been a beautiful day with a little fun shopping.  I ate ridiculous amounts of food yesterday, slept 8 hours, and feel great!  

Today, as everyday.  I am grateful for my loved ones.  What are you grateful for?

~~~~    ****    ~~~~ 

Black Friday’s here and I’m not clear

how it follows all that Thanksgiving

Why isn’t it Red or hot pink instead

Of being called Black Friday


Someone knows how the story goes

The history of this particular Friday

It wouldn’t be me for sure as can be

Cause I’m savoring the left overs of the party 


I could view a Google clue

To find out the why of this Black Friday

And then I think, with a snap and blink

It’s just another Friday


I’m feeling all the thankful awe

From yesterday’s gracious feast

So the day that follows one can wallow

On store sales and leftover treats


I’m pretty sure shopping’s not the cure

After a day of Thanks and giving

Be it black or pink friday passes in a wink

And now you’re having Saturday












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24 nov 2011     >   12/21/3   >    hanged-one/World/Empress


Could today be a day to look at life with a new and grateful perspective?

what in your life are you thankful for?

How might you align yourself with what gives you creative pleasure?

How will you nurture what you are grateful for?


Thanksgiving.  I am great-full and thank-full, for my life.  Not only for this day; everyday.  I thank all of you that find your way to this little poetry blog, that unfolds miscellaneous words in some sort of order in a little ranch house on a corner in Ann Arbor, Mi.  Thank-You. 



Holding space here

Alone with my words

Nurturing the writer within

Kissing the Earth I walk on

Silently giving prayer

Grounded in the wisdom

Inherent to the All of all of us

Visualizing peace on Earth

Inviting you all to do the same

Nestled in the assuredness that to

Give is to receive



Resting in the peace that is

Always waiting for our noticing

Teaching us to see the Divine

In the eyes of all whom we greet

Touching hearts to souls

Urging gently the timid or fearful to

Dance between the spaces of love



And so it shall be…






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23 nov 2011    > 11/2/21   >     Luster/Priestess/Strength/Universe


What needs a little polishing up in your world?

What is one small thing you might do for your community in a regular way?

What is the difference between following your intuition or following your instincts?


Early to bed,late to rise.  WOW… that was novel.  Still feeling the desire to speak to the Occupation of The heart.  Tho’ yesterday, I titled it that, it was more about the external Occupation going on in our cities, not so much about the heart.

and so….


~~~~~~~~~~~~~           **           ~~~~~~~~~~~


Quick to hope that ‘the’ dream is over there

Right there somewhere that we can go to

A place outside of ourselves in reach

The college, the husband, the job, not in that order

Sure to find it out there just over there


That’s what I was told


Anyone can have that job they want

Anyone can have that husband/wife they want

Anyone can have that car, that home.

Anyone can, cause it’s out there, just there

for you get it.  Any one can


That’s what I was told


Sure you gotta work for it

Sure you gotta make it happen

Sure you gotta keep the faith

Cause it’s out there over there

Waiting for you to take it, get it 


That’s what I was told


Sure it’s good to be a good person

Sure it’s good to be fair and kind

Sure it’s good to think well of others

Only, its out there and you better get it

Before anyone else does cause everyone wants it


That’s what I was told


The failure in that dream of the out there

Of the over there, the somewhere to go to

To get the American Dream is when

It became all out there and somehow

The heart of the matter was less then the over there.


I  began to notice


Scurry, hurry, get it, compete, take it, 

make it happen, before anyone else does

Cause it’s out there baby and you gotta get it

Stay focused on the mark, be relentless,

The dream is yours for the taking 


Was I told that?


What I know now is that the dream ‘out there’ pales to

the occupation of a heart full and pouring

Of a kindness that leads the way to the out there

To make a way to the dream worth having and giving

What’s out there is not the essence of a good life.


Finding my grail


A relentless loving heart, a path to peace and kindness

Love unconditionally, live in gratitude, give forgiveness

It’s all inside of you. It’s not out there, over there, for you to get

Or somewhere to get to.  You’re already there 

You always Have been you might not have noticed














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22 Nov 2011   >  19/10/1    >   Sun/Wheel of fortune/Magician


Can you occupy your inner light to find answers?

Can you imagine that the wheel of life turns upward as you occupy positive thinking?

What if all magic comes from a heart filled with unconditional love, kindness and compassion?

   Can you occupy that in your heart right here… right now?

 The Occupy movement can’t help but find it’s way into ours lives here in the US these days.  I tend to not write about the worldly news as expressed by the media.  (I’m a fan of the ‘other-worldly’)  I’m not a fan of the media, tho’ I think it’s necessary to listen and discern what might really be going on, and make wisdom-wise choices.  This movement can’t be flowered up.  We get to see it all and the response to it.  I’m not even sure what I desire to say about it all.  Mostly, I pray that people remember that we are ‘All’ energetically involved in life’s ups and downs and all arounds. And… that kindness and compassion wins.  I will continue to visualize peace in the hearts of humankind.  I invite you to ‘Occupy your Heart’…


 ~~~~~~~~~~            *          ~~~~~~~~~~

It don’t make no sense

This money the banks got

Talk about hoarders their a dirty lot

Of power hungry assturds

Denying us funds and jobs every day

Stealin’ us blind in unscrupulous ways


We gonna Occupy and that ain’t no lie

We here for the people to testify

No more of this shit we’ve had just enough

Of robbers and stealer who like us down on our luck 


The rebellion is in our cities  

Revolution has risen up

Little wonder the people say What the fuck.

We occupy this cause you occupied that

We’re a voice for the people

We ain’t takin’ any more of your money hungry crap


We gonna Occupy and that ain’t no lie

We here for the people to testify

No more of this shit we’ve had just enough

Of robbers and stealer who like us down on our luck 


The time is past comin’ 

We’re gonna get in your face

Let you know what your doin’ is way outta place

It’s never been equal

It may never be all fair

And it’s gottin’ stupid from your view-point up there


We gonna Occupy and that ain’t no lie

We here for the people to testify

No more of this shit we’ve had just enough

Of robbers and stealer who like us down on our luck 


Pressed hard to life’s wall

It’s hard to know what else to do

Lost jobs, lost homes, lives losing the glue

That held families together

A roof and food for the kids

One percent pushes the rest off the grid


We gonna Occupy and that ain’t no lie

We here for the people to testify

No more of this shit we’ve had just enough

Of robbers and stealer who like us down on our luck 


Make us a statement

Into the streets lay our tents down

Occupy before our lives become ghost towns

It may not be the Way

And it’s a Way to be heard

Listen up people Occupy is the word











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21 nov 2011  >  9/18  >  Hermit/Moon


What do you notice within yourself as the Moon cycles from ‘new’ to ‘full’?

What does ‘ancient wisdom’ mean to you?

Can you imagine that you know everything you have ever needed to know right now?


7:01 and it’s sooo dark out.  In 30 days, on Winter Solstice, the daylight returns.  Tho’ I will not count to those days and lament the loss of daylight, I will celebrate its return with joy and enthusiasm.  What about you?

~~~~~~~~~         999999999         ~~~~~~~~~


The Wild called I heard the phone ring

I saw it’s name across the screen

I decided to take the call tentatively

When I answered it was very clear

The Wild wanted me to free some time up

Take a little vacation from the usual

Buy a ticket to Paradise and fly United


I could have not answered the call

put the Wild off a bit longer like before

Sooner or later the Wild has it way 

Persistence wins Resistance is futile

Sweet seduction fills the mundane

From that far away place of wander and luster

Where the Wild things dance under the Moon


The Wild is never very far away 

right up the street, around the corner, 

Under your pillow, beside you at church

nestled like a sleeping kitten on your lap

It’s all about answering the call

Feeling the Wild rise up and give invitation

To your desire to roam in all that Wildness


Head to toe with the Wild is the way to go

Give it a special ring on your phone

You know you want to.

Take the call








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