1 nov  2011   >   16/7   >  Tower/Charioteer


What are 3 things that ground you and keep you focused?

Where do you come from?

How does where-you-come-from influence your life?


The morning rises in a golden glow with an edge of coral.  It hugs the horizon waiting for the head of the Sun to pushes himself up and into the day.  A ritual that happens everyday.  Everyday, Everyday.  The sky may hold a different expression of the Sun rising limiting or expanding your view and… rise he does.  And.  I’m pretty sure we are all glad for it.

How do you rise everyday and express your rituals, your pattern of living?  Are they working for you?  What happens when you do one thing different?


oh… and good luck to us NaNoWriMo writers.  Write on.  50,000 words in 30 days


~~~~~~~       &&&&&&&       ~~~~~~~


Patterns, rituals, rhythms

I lay myself out to the beat

Days are like old hymns

Chanted in sequent arcs of life


Not all hymns hold the words

that fill me up with sacred food

to feed my days and nights

Chant becomes chatter 


Chatter fears the silence

Silence asks for deep listening

To hear the spiral dance of life

weave the truth of you in the heavens


And what is the truth of you

but the magic patterns of light

reflected from one soul to another

rhyming you to some Divine song


A hymn of praise to the sequent

arcs of life laid out to the rhythmic beat

of patterns that sparkle light everywhere

So mot it be.







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