3 nov 2011     >   18/9    >  Moon/Hermit


What phase of the moon best describes You; full, crescent, gibbous, dark?

Do you let your light shine so you can be seen?

What will bring-it-all-together for you?


DAy 3 of Nanowrimo.  Yes, folks you will be hearing about this ad in nauseam for the next 27 days.  Don’t leave me.. ahahahaa. My dedication to this blog surpasses many things in my life I have given myself to, (is that pathetic?  I’m thinkin’ not)  Not because my poetry/me is exemplar or the grandest.. simply I’m doing it and giving it out there.  a testing ground for possibilities of how feelings and thoughts find themselves in words expressed my me and my stories.  A place to lay my poetry and idle drivel down. And… I have and do live a rich colourful life that may inspire others to step into the wonder of their own creative inspired life.

just thought I’d share that with you…   You are, after all, a gift of Divine inspiration. A manifestation of Creative Source that lives inside of you.   namaste’

~~~~~~~~~         ?????????         ~~~~~~~~~


There is no matter if you don’t believe

ALL is what it is with or without you

It doesn’t need you to ‘get it’ to Be.


The journey might be in the ‘Get it’

Whatever the ‘Get-it’ might be

If there is indeed a journey to get


And where do you want to get to?

Is that the first question to ask?


is the first question to ask

Where am I right now?


The ‘right now’ holds every answer

you ever need to ‘get it’  All.






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