4 nov 2011   > 19/10/1   >   The Sun/wheel of Fortune/Magician


Can you let yourself feel how fortunate you are in the life you have chosen?

What Yellow Brick Road do you follow?

What is one thing you want to do on your ‘Bucket List’?

 unconditional loyalty… 

Day 4… eek.. behind in my nano nano.  And, I’m good with it.  I might not get to the 50,000 words and I might just ramble long and far enough into this story to get there. That I’m jumping in is quite enough in this moment.  There is something very satisfying to jumping into a challenge like this and seeing what unfolds.  Have you done anything like this lately?  How’d it go for you?  And can you believe it’s NOvember?   sippy the coffee.


~~~~~~~~~~          !!!!!!!!!!          ~~~~~~~~~~

Dorothy knew it best

chatting the mantra

“there’s no place like home’

“there’s no place like home”

clicked her passion  together

eyes closed imagining


Follow the yellow brick road

A meandering sea of sunlight

A path to wisdom that finds

True heart and courage

Lead by unconditional loyalty

Facing your darkest fears

To find your greatest self


Dorothy found her power

walked her passion 

following the light

lead by unconditional loyalty      

found courage and heart

faced her fears 

to find her way home  


I dare you






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