5 nov 2011     >  20/11/2     >   Aeon/judgement/Strength/lust/Priestess


What call you into being accountable for your life?

Do you trust your instincts first or your intuition?

What stands between you and the birthright of your divine wisdom?


Day 5 of nanowrimo…

Good morning…  Some of us will being experiencing a time change at midnight tonight.  It’s a “fall back” kinda time change.  An extra hour to serve life and creativity.  yippy. What will you do with that extra hour?  How will you serve?

I danced a little last night.  It felt good.  My ailing knee suffered no more than what it already is.  Lots to do today, see how I make it suffer today. ha…


~~  ^^  ~~  ^^  ~~  ^^  ~~  ^^  ~~  ^^  ~~  

This is how this poetry thing happens

I wait, fingers poise over this keyboard

Breathing… waiting.. sippy the coffee

My mind races and traces through images

feelings, thoughts of whatever rises up to greet me

Breathing… thinking… waiting…sippy the coffee

Geezer wisdom comes from everywhere

Everything and everyone could be my poet’s muse

Breathing… thinking… waiting

I have my favorite muses that tickle my edges

stir up the pot of font and words whilst I sippy the coffee

Lay my wanderings and ambling to these pages

I breathe into that and let what ever happens 


Profundity doesn’t find itself in this morning

What might be found is that it’s all in a journey

That might or might not have something to say

The listless muse is lazed out elsewhere

and I have a 45,000 words yet to write 

Sippy the coffee… leave you with this


Doing nothing is doing something.







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