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What does your ‘perfect’ world look, feel, sound, smell like?  

What is one small thing you would do to make that happen?

How do you ‘paint’ your world?


Got a new coffee grinder.  A little Bodum, all red and fiery perfect esthetics, and now for the first sippy the coffee…  pause and thank you..   MMMmmmm.  yep, nutty and rich dark roast.  Soooo much better when you grind your own and let the waft of fresh ground coffee tickle the nose.  An added ritual to my morning.  Will I grind before feeding the chatty cat or… will I let him bump my leg two minutes longer?  

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Squirrels are super nutty and they eat them too

They drive me crazy doing their squirrely two shoe

They bound around with puffy tails in their mad delight

Gathering all those nuts to make winter alright


I think there are a thousand of em’ chasin’ in my yard

Racing with elation on my roof with their feetzy charge

They sound like a herd of  2o rather than one or two

Pounding across my ceiling making much ado


Squirrels have a certain cuteness that goes a little thin

When they toss their droppings and make their chattered din

They run out into the street not looking either way

Too many of their little bodies lay dead in the road way


Squirrels are not the brightness light when it comes to being smart

Little silly rodents that run and play and dart

They sit outside the window nibbling on their nuts

Torturing my little kitty that wants to shred their guts


Soon the little squirrelies will settle and be gone

Nestling into the winter sleeping till the Spring has dawned

I can’t say I’ll miss the little shits that race across my roof’

I can hear them on this chilly morn those crazy little goofs.



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