7 nov 2011        >   0/4/13     >   Fool/Emperor/Death


What will be one joyful, foolish act you might do today?

How will you deny chaos in your life?

When you consider ‘shedding out skin’, what does that mean for you?


I looked at several ‘diets’ to help with arthritis the last few days.  Many of the agitators of arthritis are foods I like.  Like… Sippy the coffee.  eeek. alcohol,(notice my priorities)  maybe nightshade foods; potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, red meats… And… there are those that help ease the inflammation.  Omega-3, salmon, tuna, olive oil,  vit. C. grapes, blueberries…ginger and turmeric.  The sippy the coffee might be the last to go. ya know?  

Anyway… I’m not liking having all this knee aching.  It’s poo.  HighPoo.  Visualize healthy bodies and clear minds today.

~~~~    @@@@   ~~~~    @@@@    ~~~~    @@@@

The Haiku of HighPoo


Some things get stinky

Life fills up with aches and pains

Roll in roses bloom


Hope has singed edges

The body kicks at the mind

A new norm is born


Do life with it’s aches

Gimp your way to the joy zone

High five the journey

~~~~    ****    ~~~


“Perfection has no way of knowing itself, it never is.”  GeezerGirl



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