8 nov 2011         >  5/14  >        Hierophant/Art/alchemy


Who do you honor as a spiritual mentor in your life?

If you take love and hate and mix them together what do you have?

If you feel stuck what is one small thing you could do to change that?


The time change is one hour goofy for me.  I would like it if it didn’t change.  See.. we can change time any time we want.  and nothing really changed.  Sun rises, the sky lights up the day begins as it has for millinium.  HA…imagine that.

Gamornin’  A foggy one.  My imagination loves fog.  Even when I let that imagination have lurking weirdness living in the dense part of it, just out of my sight, fog has a mystery hidden in it.  

~~~~~     ((((( *)))))     ~~~~~


Foggy morning


Foggy sight


Foggy mind


A wet damp that fills 

A wet damp that surrounds 

Memories slip into the mist

Fumble through the wet damp

Search beyond what can be seen

Seeks the remember


Light dissipates the fog

Shine dries the wet damp mist

of the fumbled mind searching

to remember the in-between

of all of the yesterdays 

held to the foggy mind melt


Out of the fog rises 

A face of all that has ever been known

still to linger always at the heart center

that knows no foggy days or nights

Mindless darkness has no power 

Of the heart that remembers eternally



















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