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How do you honor and love yourself; body, mind, and spirit?

What do you find interesting about the fact that ‘devil’ is ‘lived’ backwards?

What will you do today that serves your friends and family?


Nanowrimo… day 9.  I’m behind big time.  And.. I’m movin’ along not giving it a worry.  I’m workin’ it.  

The rain is gentle this morning.  Peaceful. I could slip right back into the bed and let it drift me back to dreamland.  My inner clock still follows the same rhythm of defined time as before the day gained an hour.  My circadian beat is a powerful thing.  

~~~~~~      !!!!!!      ~~~~~~      !!!!!!


Sippy the coffee on my circadian beat

Wind up the inners so to follow my feet

Tappy dance the day with a whole lotta glee

Imagine the health of my poor old knees


It doesn’t take much to put on a smile

Sippy the coffee in my morning style

Imagine the wonder of living the life

Doing what I love dismissing the strife


I get a kick outta making a rhyme

For me it makes for a silly good time

Sippy the coffee, Lucky ol’ me

Feelin’ my belly laugh with a big He He.


What do ya think, what do ya know

Howz the rhymin’ of you on the go

Finding the pleasure in the wee lil’ things

Dump all the angst with a spirited fling


Doesn’t make sense not to have a good time

Doesn’t make sense not to give life a rhyme

It’s in the giving that life is it’s best

Lovin’ and laughin before death gives you rest


So sippy the coffee, tappy those dancin’ feet

Welcome your living, make life a big treat

For all is now and now be the all

Now is what cha got so answer joy’s call











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