10 nov  2011       >      7/16     >   Chariot/Tower


What did you long for to be as a child and gave up your dream?

What feeds you soul?

How does your square fit into a triangle?


Yawn… slept in. I’m giddy.  My new coffee grinder makes me happy.  Remember when the little things in life made you happy?  I’m going to remind myself today what  little thing makes me happy.  Like my new coffee grinder.  yippeee.  sippy the coffee

~~~~~~~       ^^^^^^^       ~~~~~~~       >>>>>>>


The feeling of glossy and new

Having the shine of life upon you

A new dawn, a new wonder

It’s a beautiful moment imbued


There is no linger in an instant

The shine and fresh tho’ recent

Is filled with another twinkle

Maybe not quite as lovely and decent


Because it’s passed to yesterday

The magic moments fades away

Disappoint slides inside you

Was it real or was it fey?


Matter not this coveted flash

The glossy joy of some panache

There is more in every second

Every moment, every dash


Settle in and let in the marvel

dismiss the mind’s chat n’ garble

Simply notice the little beauties

That surround you all the time.












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