11-11-11 and a Frosty Full Moon to you

11 nov 2011  > 11/11/11 >   8/17  >   balance/adjustment/The Star

 Full MOON.. in taurus

The number 11 is clearly important today as well.  

A master number that speaks to humanity and the exchange of insight and intuition.  There is inspiration in this number and a decided desire to seek peace and find truth.

The full moon in Taurus is a sensual moon.  Full, round,tactile and seeking Earthy comforts.  It’s sexy.  So settle into your sexy sensual nature.  Touch, smell, caress, the simple things in life.  Take notice.

It’s a busy day today.  Take some quiet time and let yourself imagine  the comfort of Peace and well-being for yourself, your friends, family, and the global community.  



How will you adjust what feels out of balance?

What sumptuous, textural moment will you give yourself today?

How do you balance the spiritual you with the mundane you?

What ‘fullness’ rises out of touching and feeling the world around you?

~~~~~~~~       ((((((((    *    ))))))))        ~~~~~~~~


Frost Moon shining bright

Full the sky with light tonight

Call the elements for the show

Weave sensuality toward winter glow


Make us magic of peace and truth

Light the way sustain our roots

Gather up all heart’s desire

Fill the world with passion’s fire


Light the path of quietude

Fill the senses with gratitude

One is all and all for one

Poetic license is not undone


Frosty Moon of Taurus Earth

Sensual moments will feed your mirth

Trust your truth and set it free

You are all you will ever be


Love divine…







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