12 nov 2011        >     18/9    <       Moon/Hermit


What ‘moon shadow’ is following you?

Can you close your eye and imagine basking under the light of the Silvery Full Moon?

Can you take responsibility for you own ‘story’ and not project it onto someone else?


Sippy the coffee.  I do believe grinding my own coffee makes it taste better.  Same coffee I had in my last bag only now it’s beans instead of ground.  It’s an explosion of freshness making ‘sippy the coffee’ an even more satisfying experience.  Damn…I’m a happy woman.

Good MOrning Saturday.    I  might even put me woolies on and go to the farmers-market after this little blog experience.   I better git on the poetry line and lay me some garble down.

weeee haaaa.




Full moon lingers, lays the bright down

All round the light path leads to you


The cycle patterns in slivers of crescent

luminescent wane finds her waxing


The repeat brings me back to you then

When the new knows her darkness


Shadows give their story for your telling

The welling Light shares her slice of return 


Finds her fullness phase in the repeating

Never fleeting the dark to light that leads to you


The light to dark that patterns to me

I see you in the light and the darkness


I see you.  namaste’





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