13 nov 2011   >    19/10/1    <       Sun/Wheel of fortune/Magician


Where are you on the wheel of life and how’s that going for you?

If you had one day to make the world ‘right’ what ‘right’ would you choose?

Who needs you to give them a little bit more Sunshine?


It’s not about how you might have perfect pitch  

or lay harmony discordant to the song. 

It’s not about how you paint like the masters, 

or only draw stick figures in shades of grey

It’s not about the excellent rhyme laid to paper

or the fog that stumbles words together 

It not about your ability to give excellences

or struggle to find the journey to your passion


It’s All about the give of the Heart song 

when you do what your essence calls you to do. 

Discordant melody becomes a hymn to heaven

Mastery loves it’s shades of grey and shadow

rhyme seeks the spaces between itself

Fog rolls away to the rising Sun

Excellence knows failure to know itself

We stumble to find our bliss our hearts desire


There are not flat even surface on life’s Path

It’s the give of the Heart






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2 responses to “IT’S ALL ABOUT….

  1. Really a lovely and true poem – and truly felt! It reminds me of my Mom. She loved to sing, but she was definitely tone-deaf. We used to tell her that while she may not have had perfect pitch, she did have “personal pitch!” 🙂 Even though the tones she made might not have been easy to listen to, her face and joy made up for it! She always gave with her heart – in everything she did!

    Thanks for the reminder.


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