Old Geezer

16 nov 2011    >  0/4/13   >   Fool/Emperor/Death


When it’s your ‘time’ , how might you imagine your transition to be?

How might you describe the Fool as a hero?

When you “come to that bridge” how will you cross it?

Mom..what a geezer girl she is. miss you.

            ~~~~    !!!!    ~~~~ 

Aging will have it’s way with you.  

A new norm rises from the ache in the joints

The greying of the hair, the slip of memory

If you’re breathing by sixty

Days will come shorter and shorter

You will hunger for the day to stretch out

and give you more time… more time

More time for the caress of love

The share of wisdom’s years

The gift of  family and friends

The joy of imagining a future

The pleasure found in leaping into life 

The youthful zest and thrill of living



whirls and swirls dark to light

light to dark, duality finds it niche

Life to death, bitter to sweet,young to old. 

Circumstance may have laid the foundation

Bitter might of layered despairing years

Poverty dug a hole in possibilities

Illness gave the Path painful resistance

Obstacles will have found you worthy

What’s in the way of life has it’s gifts


The dance of life takes no hostages 

Born to live and die is the outcome

The mindful notice of life is a sacred journey

Where living finds its best self

 Ageless, timeless, everlasting

The body will fail you and your

spirit never will.  It never will.










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