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What resources do you need to make happen what needs to happen?  pick 2 and start

How will you be grateful for your life today?

What does creative freedom mean to you?

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I’m a thief.  I steal words from people.  No… actually I steal whole sentences.  Oh no… yep I do!  I hear it, I grab it, I write it down.  Last night, as I watched the TV shows, Pan Am, and Harry’s Law, I stole.  I confess… I watch many such shows regularly and thief a line or two.   There were 3 sentences that I copied down.  I will share one now and make it my own.  That’s what I do with ‘found’ language; I take it and make it mine.  Slip either the exact line I’ve taken or change a word or two, or I use it to prompt me into writing..  Mostly, I like to just use the exact quote.  Now to choose which one … mmmmmm mmm.  Sippy the coffee, ponder the words..


“A dime in a phone booth and a handful of words.”


I carried a dime in my purse for years

Tucked it in a little corner safe

just in case back then when 

a call to home was needed


I had this boyfriend back then when

love was ripe, and the juices flowed

and desire won over most things

and the phone booth stood there


Right there in front of  me

We were both hungry

Me for lustful moist kisses

It for the swallow of a thin dime 


The booth sheltered my words

The phone ate my dime with a ding

Ding and a distance ring reached out

My pulse sped up to his answer  


I let his coo wrap me in want

Shiver my hunger through the line

That connected our desire

In lines and words that don’t wait


A dime in a phone booth

and a handful of words

“I want you. I’ll be there soon.”













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2 responses to “A DIME IN PHONE BOOTH

  1. mamma

    Ssssssssss!!!! Hot!


  2. My mom made me carry a dime in my wallet. Thanks for the memory.


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