out of the grey.

18 nov 2011    > 6/15 >     Lovers/Devil


What are you ‘bound’ to that is not serving your life?

What new choices might you make that will shift what you have let yourself be ‘trapped’ in?

What does unconditional love mean to you?


The sun rises at the south east edge of my house and eases his way across this autumn sky.  Old trees now naked let the light pour through  the windows.  It’s lovely. 

More found language for todays poem.  How did yesterdays work for you?  I invite writer’s to explore the found language they hear during their days and see how it prompts your work.  Or.. heck  steal a line from me and have a go at it.  

~~~~~~      ^^^^^^      ~~~~~~

“I came up from all that grey to see you.”


Swallowed by an inner life of grey

Days fold into each other in gloom

No room for the sun’s glory

It rains all the time


Life is a shuffle in the run of it

No fun in the slog of a heavy heart

That starts its pump on the breath of grey 

The lonely feeds on itself


After awhile it becomes the grey truth

The fruit of dreams rot and waste away

All day the clouds desire to part

Hungry for a slice of light


There is no expect that other holds a key

the ‘we’ was lost long ago in the storm

no form of longing has searched for glimmer

Plays fear out as victim


No prayer cracked the heavens wide

This side of grey saw no warm refrain

What remains is a submarine of grey

It keeps me from drowning


There was no why or what if

No shift in the gloom of me

Out to sea on a sail-less raft

Alone desperately.


I came up from all that grey to see you.










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