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Have you reached ‘the top of your game”, what does that mean, and do you care?

How do you experience going back to your roots?

What needs your focus right now?


A fun evening with my ‘sister/cuz-inlaws’.  Hair-dos, good food n’ wine, silly chat, serious conversation and a big girls slumber party.  Laughter abundant.  Love those girls.  


I lay claim to own found language that rolled out my mouth last night and my sister-inlaw, Pam said,  “Write that down right now!”  So I did, having forgotten it till this minute and ‘found’ it.    I’m gonna use it.

~~~~~~~       *******       ~~~~~~~

“Somewhere inside me is a circus.”


Under the Big Top three rings  are at play

One ring is plenty, I just have to say

Don’t get me wrong it’s plenty of fun

Clowning around  shining my sun


Walking the tight rope the cheers from the crowd

The Master of Ceremony, twirls and dips with a bow

There’s no doubt about it this thing that I do

Somewhere inside me is a circus or two.


Riding the pony one foot on his back

Looking all pink girly having the knack

To bring entertainment when provoke for the show

Doesn’t take much to set me a glow


If you’re under my Big Top here’s what to do

Imagine yourself part of the circus crew

Jump on a pony, feel like a clown

Wear your silly hat and dance all around


You can’t beat ‘em join ‘em, that’s what I say

Life is a circus so come out and play

Some where inside you is a circus or two

Enter the Big Top and make the fun about you









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