20 nov 2011 > Sunday   >  8/17    >   Balance/Adjustment/The STAR


You stand between heaven and earth,  How do you stand?

How will you adjust the balance of your life?

Can you live an imperfect life and give it joy and peace?


Day 20 of NaNOWriMo…  I will not be getting to the 50,000 and I’m good with that.  

Some mornings, you’d rather not have remembered the tiniest piece of your dream life. Some of it holds you hostage all day in your body.  A sort of residual ache from the dark side of things.   Unsettling.   Sippy the coffee.  aaaahhh The pleasure of distraction.

It was a battering wind last night, as I sat nestled in the quiet and comfort of my home listening to the swirl and rap of it on my windows.  Glad to be sheltered.  Grateful for the life I live and those close that I share it with.  Looking forward to going to the InnerFaith Center for some ‘celebration’ of body, mind, and spirit.  I feel I have found my spiritual community in Ann Arbor.  More gratitude, more sippy the coffee.

~~~~~~~~        @@@@@@@@        ~~~~~~~~


The Way is paved with gold and dirt

It smells of Spring and death

It fills the mind with peace and riot

It’s the journey to your last breath


For some there is an easy Way

For some there is anguished storms

What ever Way is your chosen way

Embrace it to transform


There will be betrayals along the path

You can choose your attitude

Attitude is the one thing you have

To sift  pain to gratitude 


Forgiveness will be your weapon

Takes the victim mentality away

Empowers your existence

Seeks kindness on the pathway


Make no mistake that living

Will carve a hole within your heart

Make no mistake that living

will never let Love, and joy depart


You chose the Way that serves your life

What choices will you make?

If you want to be a ‘cranky pants’

You’ll get less of life’s tasty cake














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