21 nov 2011  >  9/18  >  Hermit/Moon


What do you notice within yourself as the Moon cycles from ‘new’ to ‘full’?

What does ‘ancient wisdom’ mean to you?

Can you imagine that you know everything you have ever needed to know right now?


7:01 and it’s sooo dark out.  In 30 days, on Winter Solstice, the daylight returns.  Tho’ I will not count to those days and lament the loss of daylight, I will celebrate its return with joy and enthusiasm.  What about you?

~~~~~~~~~         999999999         ~~~~~~~~~


The Wild called I heard the phone ring

I saw it’s name across the screen

I decided to take the call tentatively

When I answered it was very clear

The Wild wanted me to free some time up

Take a little vacation from the usual

Buy a ticket to Paradise and fly United


I could have not answered the call

put the Wild off a bit longer like before

Sooner or later the Wild has it way 

Persistence wins Resistance is futile

Sweet seduction fills the mundane

From that far away place of wander and luster

Where the Wild things dance under the Moon


The Wild is never very far away 

right up the street, around the corner, 

Under your pillow, beside you at church

nestled like a sleeping kitten on your lap

It’s all about answering the call

Feeling the Wild rise up and give invitation

To your desire to roam in all that Wildness


Head to toe with the Wild is the way to go

Give it a special ring on your phone

You know you want to.

Take the call








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