23 nov 2011    > 11/2/21   >     Luster/Priestess/Strength/Universe


What needs a little polishing up in your world?

What is one small thing you might do for your community in a regular way?

What is the difference between following your intuition or following your instincts?


Early to bed,late to rise.  WOW… that was novel.  Still feeling the desire to speak to the Occupation of The heart.  Tho’ yesterday, I titled it that, it was more about the external Occupation going on in our cities, not so much about the heart.

and so….


~~~~~~~~~~~~~           **           ~~~~~~~~~~~


Quick to hope that ‘the’ dream is over there

Right there somewhere that we can go to

A place outside of ourselves in reach

The college, the husband, the job, not in that order

Sure to find it out there just over there


That’s what I was told


Anyone can have that job they want

Anyone can have that husband/wife they want

Anyone can have that car, that home.

Anyone can, cause it’s out there, just there

for you get it.  Any one can


That’s what I was told


Sure you gotta work for it

Sure you gotta make it happen

Sure you gotta keep the faith

Cause it’s out there over there

Waiting for you to take it, get it 


That’s what I was told


Sure it’s good to be a good person

Sure it’s good to be fair and kind

Sure it’s good to think well of others

Only, its out there and you better get it

Before anyone else does cause everyone wants it


That’s what I was told


The failure in that dream of the out there

Of the over there, the somewhere to go to

To get the American Dream is when

It became all out there and somehow

The heart of the matter was less then the over there.


I  began to notice


Scurry, hurry, get it, compete, take it, 

make it happen, before anyone else does

Cause it’s out there baby and you gotta get it

Stay focused on the mark, be relentless,

The dream is yours for the taking 


Was I told that?


What I know now is that the dream ‘out there’ pales to

the occupation of a heart full and pouring

Of a kindness that leads the way to the out there

To make a way to the dream worth having and giving

What’s out there is not the essence of a good life.


Finding my grail


A relentless loving heart, a path to peace and kindness

Love unconditionally, live in gratitude, give forgiveness

It’s all inside of you. It’s not out there, over there, for you to get

Or somewhere to get to.  You’re already there 

You always Have been you might not have noticed














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