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Could today be a day to look at life with a new and grateful perspective?

what in your life are you thankful for?

How might you align yourself with what gives you creative pleasure?

How will you nurture what you are grateful for?


Thanksgiving.  I am great-full and thank-full, for my life.  Not only for this day; everyday.  I thank all of you that find your way to this little poetry blog, that unfolds miscellaneous words in some sort of order in a little ranch house on a corner in Ann Arbor, Mi.  Thank-You. 



Holding space here

Alone with my words

Nurturing the writer within

Kissing the Earth I walk on

Silently giving prayer

Grounded in the wisdom

Inherent to the All of all of us

Visualizing peace on Earth

Inviting you all to do the same

Nestled in the assuredness that to

Give is to receive



Resting in the peace that is

Always waiting for our noticing

Teaching us to see the Divine

In the eyes of all whom we greet

Touching hearts to souls

Urging gently the timid or fearful to

Dance between the spaces of love



And so it shall be…






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  1. Now this was a fine way to start the day.



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