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Can you trust that if you make a jump into what feeds your soul you will be supported?

How do you embrace the knowing that death will one day find you?

What needs putting into order?


Black Friday… I’m not so much for the term ‘Black Friday’.  Personally, it’s been a beautiful day with a little fun shopping.  I ate ridiculous amounts of food yesterday, slept 8 hours, and feel great!  

Today, as everyday.  I am grateful for my loved ones.  What are you grateful for?

~~~~    ****    ~~~~ 

Black Friday’s here and I’m not clear

how it follows all that Thanksgiving

Why isn’t it Red or hot pink instead

Of being called Black Friday


Someone knows how the story goes

The history of this particular Friday

It wouldn’t be me for sure as can be

Cause I’m savoring the left overs of the party 


I could view a Google clue

To find out the why of this Black Friday

And then I think, with a snap and blink

It’s just another Friday


I’m feeling all the thankful awe

From yesterday’s gracious feast

So the day that follows one can wallow

On store sales and leftover treats


I’m pretty sure shopping’s not the cure

After a day of Thanks and giving

Be it black or pink friday passes in a wink

And now you’re having Saturday












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