26  nov 2011   >   14/5   >    Art/Alchemy/Heirophant


Mix and Brew what will you make and do?

There is more info to gather, what will it be?

You stand in the ‘box’ around you, how do you intend to get out?


Gamornin’.  A beautiful morning on Lake Fenton as  the sun is late to rise on this autumn day.  Swans and geese laze along in the breeze.  No boaters drifting about.  The austerity of winter is ready to make the world here white.  I’m not sad that the temperature is in the 50’s.  I’m not quite ready for the freeze.


~~~~~     55555    ~~~~~


Out of the mind box 

Free up conflicts mental twists

Wind blows between ears


Open the house doors

Raise every window today

Release the stale air


There is no pleasure

Harnessed to a dead dream gone

Crawl out of the cave




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