27  nov   2011      >  15/6    >   Devil/Lovers


What is it to be loved Divinely?

Peace starts at home and how would YOU give it?

What does your devil look like, act like, feel like, and tempt you with?


Tomorrow is ‘Cyber-Monday’.  oooooo.  So… we have been thankful, filled our bellies and shared the love.  Then it got all black fridayish and coffers were filled with money spent by many that didn’t really have.  And this monday, is given to Cyber-world for you to spend spend spend on those great warehouse deals in the sky.  Tempting,  down right Devilish if I do say so.  Heck, everyday is Cyber-discount day.  It’s a vortex of energy that will suck you in.  Been there, still known to visit.


I invite you to consider buying most everything local.   If you don’t by local and keep your neighborhood shops in business it will only be Cyber-shopping via the big stores/corporations.  No more little quaint corner shops,  No more momma and pappa shops. Independent bookstores, say bye bye.  Art galleries… gone.   NOpe.. they will crumble and fall.  Whooosh.. down the drain cause we got lazy, or it was ‘such a good deal I can’t get that at my local stores” … LIsten UP people.  It’s up to you to keep your community thriving.  Sure… some things ya can’t get any other way. And LOTS of things you can spend on right in town at your local shops, owned by people who are within your community. I casted the invite to you again…’Think Global,Act Local.”  not Loco. 

Whew… glad I got that outta my systems.  NOw.. to practice what I be preachin’.

~~~~~~      666666      ~~~~~~


Six of one half a dozen of the other

The bother is where will you buy it

You could go right on down town

Bye it from neighbors all around

Spend it local give it back recommit


It’s easy to get the cyber- suck 

The muck is invisible in that air

You surf yourself in search

Tap away for some research

Think you spot it, now you got it, so there


At your computer finding a good deal

If it’s a steal you think you should buy it

And if you don’t consider local

Support it and get vocal

Corporates win, no more town, a cyber-pit


Choices give to consequences

consequences might have ‘does’ to pay

Pick your choices care-fully

Don’t let cyber-space be a bully

Make local win, freely spend, have a townie day











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