28 nov  2011    >  7/16    >    Chariot/tower


What is that ‘thing’ you have been curious and interested in forEVER and have yet to take action on it????

What secrets do you keep from yourself?

In this busy world how do you remain focused on what is important for you?


All in favor of me not giving rant and ramble, raise your hand.  That’s what I thought.  HAaa. goodluck on that one.


~~~~~~~       7777777       ~~~~~~~


It’s not that you have a differing opinion

see the world through a red lens and I see pink

or that you wear the banner of righteousness

tout your intelligence as superior


It not that you dress in swaths of expense

or are quick to go to the other side of the road

when the stench of homelessness fills you

in wonder why they don’t find a job


It not that you found Jesus and I found the Goddess

or that you find other’s way less than yours

that your refinement is somehow more than

and that your ‘hard-work’ has entitlement


It’s not that you oppose Occupation and the

right  of the people to gather on behalf of

what you deem garbage and the way left of your right

It’s not that


YOu are entitled to your opinion, your perception

It is all yours for the taking as you see fit

6.5 billion find many ways to rise and give praise

to their perceptions and opinions


What it is for me …  in my opinion…

Is that opinions and perceptions come with judgement

They hold us hostage to limited thinking

They keep us from truths that other’s hold

They make up stories that hold only our limited view


They are cloaks of fear that hold us to limited truth

On behalf of what we think we know, perceive we know

believe we know, to protect our opinions and perceptions

And so it circles, climbs the towers of our rightness


What you believe to be, the opinions you gather.

The perceptions you imagine from your point of view

Are they the whole picture, the whole truth?  Could they be?

If there be any truth in this journey of life


might it be for the Divinity you see in the eyes of ALL you meet


In my opinion…
















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