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HAIKU … and some gratitude

29 nov 2011         >   8/17    >     balance/adjustment/Star


How might you balance what needs adjusting today?

How do you imagine the ‘divine order’ of this life?

When you close your eyes and take a moment of silence, can you see the world a peaceful and abundant place?


24 more days till the light returns.  Not that I want to hurry along life; it moves way to fast for us geezers as it is.  I do miss the longer days of light.  Nature wins.  The seasons need their down time, just like we all do.  I do get all wintery at this time of year, tho’ maybe not quite so austere.  I’m not very austere.  Life slows, I feel myself go inward, quieting, shifting the beat of life to a softer rhythm.   I imagine what I wish to give to the Earth for safe keeping during these freezing months.  What ‘seeds’ (intention) I wish to plant to rise in the Spring greening.  Like, planting the seed of gathering my poetry and creating a book.  Or, planting the seed of friendship and community.  I’d like to plant the seed of love and partnership.    What ‘seeds’ might you like to nurture in the silent peace of winter?


~~~~~~~~        88888888        ~~~~~~~~


Silent winter scape

Bare branch shivers willingly

Roots hold the honey


 Lay your seeds to Earth

Blanket in white purity

Reap what you have sowed


Love knows her winter

Cherishes season’s partner

Caress my branches





24 days till the light returns

The gentle patter of rain on the roof

The tidy house

The colorful holiday lights I put up

Sweet pets

A great job




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